About us


   The speakeasies in their time were bars, taverns and meeting places during the Prohibition era in the United States, in which new mixes and experiences arose for each diner. These included flavors that sought to disguise the alcoholic content, which boosted the diversity in what we know today as a cocktail bar.

     In Speakeasy Bar We are a couple lovers of the good cocktail and we want to take you to live an experience where you will be able to share ideas, to have recipes, tips, events, visits to bars and news of this wonderful world of the Bar.


     Be the meeting point of bartenders, mixologos and cocktail enthusiasts so we can share our passion and culture for this art.


     Be the first portal of consultation of each bartender or fan of the cocktail.

Imirsi López

Imirsi López de Herrera

Administrator, founder Project Speakeasy Bar. Bartender in training. Fond of design and photography.

Eleazar Herrera

Eleazar Herrera García

Computer scientist, bartender and cocktail instructor. Founder and CEO of the Speakeasy Bar project