Cocktail recipe

    We present you the most complete and simple classic and modern cocktail recipe that will allow you to be the best host and professional. Each recipe specifies the ingredients, their quantities and their elaboration in a simple way including a referential photograph of the final result of your cocktail which will make it much easier to prepare.

What is a cocktail?

    Unlike a drink, a cocktail consists of a mixture of two or more edible ingredients that can be processed or elaborated so that the final result is pleasing to the palate and allows to provide a new experience to the consumer. We know that for the tastes are the colors but to achieve a good cocktail depends on the exact balance and even perfect when mixing the ingredients. Therefore it is important to respect the measures of the recipes, their elaboration and even their decoration.

How to prepare my cocktail?

     The beverage recipes we present are simple and require only a few ingredients and tools, so just place your favorite recipe and let's get that cocktail!