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   Competition Andes Shakers Barman's

Merida, Venezuela.
     On the occasion of its second anniversary the Andes Bar Academy Venezuela is organizing a competition of bartenders like no other in the country, was baptized as the Andes Shakers Barman's league, and as we tell them later, is literally a league of Bartenders.
     The Andes shakers, is a cocktail competition that lasts 4 days, of which the first three will focus on conducting heat tests to participants (one per day) and the top 6 qualify for the grand final on Day 4 to obtain the title of Master Shaker. Day after day each bartender will add scores according to their position in the test of that day, and at the end of the third day we proceed to sum the total to give the pass to the best six contenders.
     The 15 competitors that will be quoted are Alexi Bravo, Johan Sarmiento, Juan Diego Aguilar, Abundio Rojas, Yuly Cadenas, Juan Diego Jarusauskas, Lilibeth Méndez, Ricardo Hernandez, Andrés Sergio, Diego Hernandez, Nelybet Rojas, Javier Marcano, Nelson Betancourt, Jordany Vivas and Victor Sanchez, coming from Venezuela and Colombia who will test their skills and skills in the cocktail tests Twist, crafting & Low Cost and Speed Barman and then access the Grand Final.
     For the first challenge, the bartenders were given the recipe of an international classic that should modify and present demonstrating their creativity and skill in the elaboration of mixes. The second test is the crafting & the cost, challenge in which they must design from scratch a cocktail with handcrafted elements taking care of the costs and general structure, is the perfect opportunity to work with ingredients of kilometer zero and elements that after processing Provide unforgettable sensory experiences to each diner. The third Test is the Speed bartender, challenge in which they must replicate 6 times the same cocktail using the shortest possible time, without a doubt a show of agility and speed behind the bar.
     The six qualified bartenders will pass to the Grand Final where they will present a cocktail of author taking as thematic the sustainable cocktail, proving that it is possible to work in bar and to create excellent recipes with the pair to maintain harmony with our environment, Using reusable and organic ingredients.
     Large companies have been given an appointment in support of the Andes Bar initiative, this is the case of distilleries Unidad S.A. From the hand of all his portfolio, Bow Tie Mens accesories, Mixing Brothers, the corner Burger, Zimoha and even bartenders of the medium that will be providing their support to this competition.
     Without a doubt the Andes shakers is shaping up as one of the great meetings of the year in the west of the country in terms of cocktails, a eventoque promises and will soon give great news when selecting the next Master shaker.
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