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How does ALCOHOL work in our bodies?


      Ethanol functions as an anesthetic, subtracting sensitivity, generating inability to normally respond to stimuli and temporal changes in perception, mood, state of consciousness and behavior, its effects change over time, initially It produces a feeling of relaxation and joy and its subsequent consumption can lead to blurred vision and coordination problems.  In general, we can say that after having ingested 2 or 3 glasses are affected the motor centers of the brain.


     It should be noted that the intake of alcoholic beverages does not affect all people equally. Factors such as weight, sex, pre-consumption of food, the way in which such consumption occurs, among others, are influenced.


      The liver is in charge of processing alcoholic beverages and performs it properly at the rate of one drink per hour, so we can say that the "state of drunkenness" occurs when the intake is faster than the time it takes the body to metabolize it , generating the effects of euphoria, disinhibition, feeling of warmth, dizziness, loss of balance among others.

      While it is true that alcohol consumption has social connotations, it is important to emphasize that it affects both the person who consumes it as well as those around him including his family, work and social environment.


     Some of the effects of excessive alcohol consumption are: alcoholic hepatitis, liver degeneration to liver cirrhosis, mental disorders, violent behavior, gastritis, indigestion, stomach ulcer, hormonal disorders, sexual impotence, Convulsions, delusions, among others.

The problem is not the alcohol itself but the abuse of it.


Responsibility in our consumption:

  • Avoid driving after consuming alcoholic beverages, the 180 ° vision is reduced to tunnel vision, increases response time to stimuli, causes sleep and fatigue, distorts appreciation of distances and speed
  • Avoid drinking alcohol If you are pregnant, can cause mental retardation, low weight, short stature, small brain, learning difficulties, attention, movement, eyesight, language, hearing
  • For no reason consume illegal or non-commercial alcohol, without legal and sanitary requirements for sale and consumption its content is no longer reliable.
  • Avoid offering alcoholic beverages to minors, it can affect growth and puberty.
  • Avoid combining alcohol with medical treatments, the combination of drugs and alcohol can cause
  • Overdose with fatal consequences.



We want you to enjoy the quality of each cocktail and drink, this can only be achieved if they are consumed moderately and not excessively.


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