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Caracas wants coffee

Espresso Coffee Extraction


From next Friday 20 to Sunday 22, all entrepreneurs, producers, traders and general public linked and lovers of coffee will meet in a big event where they can be part of a very interesting programming of everything Related to coffee, on a schedule from 11 am to 7 pm.


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Art Latte
Art Latte


Caracas wants coffee to be held at the Eurobuilding Hotel & Suites Caracas, will have more than 40 exhibition stands to publicize the products and services directly and indirectly linked to the coffee sector. Lectures as "History of coffee: from Ethiopia to the valley of Caracas", "Coffee, sport and health", "Rum and coffee, aromas of Venezuela", among many others.




On Friday 20 will be able to enjoy the hand of the Venezuelan school of coffee who will be in charge of coordinating the election of the best competitor in the specialty of art Latte to give way on Saturday July 21 where the bartenders of the whole country show their skills in the Elaboration of coffee spirits and on Sunday July 22, Carbone Espresso will be responsible for the Barista competition that is respected where a jury measure the skills of the participants.


Tickets will be on sale at the doors of "Caracas wants Café" in the Plaza Real Hall of the Eurobuilding Hotel & Suites Caracas.



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