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Mice in Place

Mise en Place

     Providing excellent service to our customers not only depends on our capabilities and skills behind the bar. It depends to a large extent on the organization prior to the beginning of our day, also known in gastronomy as Mise en Place.

The Mise en Place

     It is a French term that refers to all preparations prior to the start of an activity or work. Surely you have noticed that when you go to a bar or restaurant you will find: tables organized with dishes, napkins and cutlery installed on your site, pleasant atmosphere and music (if any).  The same goes for the bar and kitchen area. We must make sure that we have installed, tested, cleaned, located each of the implements that we will use during our day or work day.

Organization of drinks

How long does it take to make a Mise in Place?

     It's always going to depend on the size of the bar or event you want to work. An estimated approximately one hour.

What activities does the Mise en Place or the bar get ready to do?

     It will depend directly on each type of bar or event in which you are going to participate but there is a general standard of activities that can not be missed:

  • Cleaning of all areas of the bar including electrical equipment, refrigerators, tools and equipment to use.
  • Cleaning and Pulitura of glassware.
  • Check expiration date and life cycle of products including fruits, beers, sodas and others.
  • Place and check the beverages to be cooled in the appropriate refrigerators including beers, juices, glasses.
  • Chop, liquefy and organize the decorations, garnish and/or inputs used in the recipes of the day.
  • Post and inventory the liquors and alcohols.
  • Organize your workspace according to your comfort and that of your companion to have it. A good distribution of space and organization are vital when it comes to a work rush.
Mise en place de inputs
Cuts and decorations with fruits are included in the Mise en Place

     A good advice to follow is to use a written guide that allows to detail the steps to make, also known as check list or checklist. You can make the list with your bar manager, bartender or yourself by placing every activity you think is necessary.

     Don't forget to use it every day before you start.


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