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Oktoberfest in Santo Domingo

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Welcome to the Brewery Fair

 What is the Oktoberfest?

    About 208 years ago, thanks to the Union of the King and Princess in Munich in the year 1813 began to celebrate the most important beer festival in Germany known as the Oktoberfest. Over the years the Oktoberfest has been the beer festival par excellence for beer lovers.

     Several years ago this brewery festival has been extended by many countries which has managed to captivate many people as it is usually a fair where you can share the whole family with attractions and shows within the same event that sure make the Oktoberfest a Place to meet, enjoy and share with a good cold.


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  Oktoberfest in Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic has not been the exception and this year 2018 was held the beer festival in Santiago and Santo Domingo in its seventh presentation and brought an excellent atmosphere including international artists, playground for children, pet area, Food area and many beers to enjoy and know.

The Oktoberfest 2018 in Santo Domingo was held in the Ibero-American Park and as every year brought new stands, new artists and most importantly new local producers of beer. For no one is a secret that many brewing masters and local beer producers have been delighting years and even surprising with their products. From the smallest to the ones that already produce and distribute more than three types of beer.




Our Vision

A negative point that we could find this year is that most local beer brands were a little distant from the entrance or the main area which difficult a bit of the arrival of all the guests to these stands.

Video Summary

Then we leave a video summary with some photos and interview made to Republica Brewing:


The Oktoberfest 2018 leaves us a pleasant taste of mouth and also eager to know what will bring your next presentation. Remember that if you are in the capital or in Santiago the Oktoberfest is the beer fair that you can not miss and more with the climate that accompanies us this season on the island Bonita.

We leave you the full gallery of the event:

Remember that alcohol consumption is harmful to health and that at home you are expected so always think of responsible consumption.

The official website of the event Oktoberfest Dominican Republic



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