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Speakeasies and its influence in the cocktail bar.


     A while ago we talked about the dry law in the U.S. or Volstead law and its impact, which led to the creation of so-called Speakeasies or clandestine bars throughout the country. But what exactly are these speakeasies and why were they so important to the world of cocktails?

What is speakeasy?

     The term speakeasy began to be used during the prohibition or dry law period in the U.S. to refer to establishments or bars hidden throughout the territory. They were closed-door bars, without a sign to the street, which were entered with a password and camouflaged under the facade of another business. The rule was to avoid attracting the attention of neighbors and policemen. So the "speak easy". 

Speakeasy "Krazy Kat", Washington DC. 1920
Speakeasy "Krazy Kat", Washington DC. 1920


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Competition between speakeasies

     During this time there arose a strong war between mafias and a competition between sponsors of speakeasies which led to increase the popularity of these establishments becoming a secret badly guarded. Bar owners offered good sums of money to cops for looking elsewhere, enjoying a drink or telling them about future raids organized by federal agents of the ban.

Speakeasy Delray Bar
Speakeasy Delray Bar

How did it affect the cocktail bar?

     The consumption of alcohol went up even though it was of very poor quality, which led to bartenders of the time to give retouches looking to soften the bad taste of those liquors and distillates, using and abusing syrups, ginger ale and other supplements. 


     These mixes led to what we know today as the cocktail, more specifically the classic, which was sought with few ingredients and basic disguise the strong or unpleasant flavor or even visually confuse the appearance of the drink as is the case of the famous Long Inland Iced Tea.


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Today's Speakeasies

     At present the speakeasies have become a trend in several countries of the world. Cities like New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Melbourne and London are full of hidden bars. The most popular and one of the first is the Milk & Honey opened in the year 2000 in new York. When visiting your Web site we notice that you have no address, the way to arrive is by associating or by recommendation of a partner and includes the rules to follow within the establishment. If you want to visit one of these bars around the world do not be surprised if they do enter through a barber shop, ice cream parlor or even a phone booth or soda machine.

 Speakeasy Bar Project

     In Speakeasy Bar we decided to do honor to what represented the genesis of classic cocktails in America giving the bartenders and fans of this world, a portal of encounter where there is everything necessary to update their knowledge, share with colleagues from other Countries in a forum of topics related to this race, events and news of the cocktail in Latin America.







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