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Sustainability and sustainability applied to the bar

In the previous post we talked about what is and how we can apply sustainability in our lives. In this article we want to apply these techniques and knowledge to our area: the bar.

For some countries a few years ago has become a trend of sustainable or eco friendly bars where no matter how small the contribution begins to raise awareness in customers, managers and owners of establishments. A sustainable bar consists of an establishment that has rules or standards of sustainability in almost all its activities, from the source and use of its inputs to the consumption of ice, water and electricity.

Sustainability in the Bar

It is impossible to talk about sustainable development or sustainable bars and not to mention one of the greatest precursors of this practice: Lucas Groglio and his conscious cocktail project who together with some organizations or associations as more oxygen has Dedicated from the 2015 to change the way to see the cocktail bar and the mobile service.

Lucas received in 2017 the Sustainable Spirit Award at the most important festival in the world of the bar El Tales of the Cocktail, festival that annually rewards the best bars, and bartenders in the world.  The actions of the CEO of conscious cocktails go beyond, currently makes routes worldwide giving masterclasses and lectures on how a bar can become sustainable by preaching with his own example.


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What is considered a sustainable bar?

Taking again the bar we do well of conscious cocktail, as an example of something sustainable and sustainable, we can say that a bar is sustainable if it manages to use and apply the 3 Rs at all times (recycle, rethink and reuse). To make it clearer we will give some examples:

Examples of sustainability in the bar:

  • The use of local and preferably organic products: in the previous article we talked about the carbon footprint and how to reduce it. By using local, organic and seasonal products such as fruits and vegetables, we mitigate pollution and the impact generated by moving and importing products. Besides that we will get better and fresher flavors in our cocktails, we'll be supporting local production and reducing the costs that generate out-of-season inputs.
  • Reuse of inputs and deposits or containers: much of the sustainability in a bar is to give more than one use to all that is possible. Some examples of this would be: make the most of the most used fruits like lemon, orange or pineapple.
    • Before you squeeze the X pounds of lemon into your bar, think "What other use can I give you before and after you squeeze it?". A good option would be to peel the lemons and use the skin to aromatize, decorate a cocktail, make a liqueur or bitter. Even after squeezing them we can use this decrease to create a syrup known as Oleo-Saccharum. For this and other ideas of second and third use of products we recommend you to visit the recipes of the well-known Trash Tiki and its project #DRINKLIKEYOUGIVEAFUCK
    • Sparkling wines that have lost some of their characteristics can always be given another use in the kitchen.
    • In the case of pineapple we can use its pulp but also the skin to make a Shrub or even an infusion.
    • Another good option is to reuse bottles, containers and even details like this for a cup holder:
Trash Cup holder
A Trash Tiki idea
Tumbler Holder Ecological
"Plantable" Cup holder courtesy of Conscious cocktail Bar
  • Care for dripping faucets, odorless and others: No matter the level of the chain of command where you are in your bar, you can always suggest checking and repairing unnecessary drips in any area of your bar.
  • Reduction of electrical consumption: preventive maintenance will always be better than corrective. Don't wait any longer to adjust these details:
    • Check that the door seals seal well to avoid excessive light consumption and wear of mechanical parts.
    • It performs cleaning and defrosting every so considerable time to avoid extra electricity consumption.
    • Avoid overloading your refrigerators with inputs or products. In the days of little rush or public flow it will not be necessary to load so much product or beers in your refrigerators.
    • Graduating the air conditioner thermostat is always a good way to reduce unnecessary electricity consumption.
  • Avoid all possible plastic: YES! Even fatigue we have heard this at present. As we said in the previous post is not easy to get rid of what we have been accustomed for so long to use and that is part of our lives.
    • Avoid the use of plastic sleeves. Today it is one of the worst contaminants of marine fauna.
    • The Sorbets and removers. It is proven that to enjoy a good cocktail is better not to use sorbet, straw or cigarette as we can taste better the flavor and aromas of this drink. If the diner is reluctant to do this you can campaign and have substitutes for other materials such as paper, bamboo, avocado seed, glass, aluminum etc. Here we leave you some ideas.
  • The use of draft for beer: This will always be the most sustainable option when talking about beer. We greatly reduce the use of bottles and support local production consumption, which decreases the import and carbon footprint involved in the transfer.

These are just some ideas of how to achieve a sustainable bar. It's not easy but we must start with something. If you want more ideas here we leave a guide of the best environmental practices that are already being applied in many bars in Argentina.

Cocktails or sustainable beverages.

If we want to apply conscious cocktails in our bar nothing better than to resort to sustainable cocktails and the best protagonists in this interesting topic are the conscious cocktail boys and Trash Tiki.

Here we leave you some ideas of recipes for sustainable beverages. Remember to think about the 3Rs when making your Mise in Place and sure begin to flow interesting ideas for sustainable recipes taking advantage of each ingredient, input and deposit to the fullest.



The human being is always reluctant to change and more when we are accustomed so long ago to routines and materials, but the important thing is to start being part of the change. As small as your contribution will always help.

Be a multiplier of change by providing ideas, recipes and changes that allow your bar to be the next sustainable place in your sector. It supports local products, uses fruits and seasonal inputs and remembers always rethink, reuse, recycle.

Do not forget to support days of recycling or cleaning of coasts or any other contribution for a better environment.

If you think this article was helpful and can help someone don't forget to share it.

Leave us in the comments which would be your contribution to sustainability in your sector, or if you are already part of the change.


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