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How does a Guest bartender help?


  Guest bartender, guest Shift or guest bartender is a term widely used today in the dialect or modern terminology in the world of bars and their new tendencies. In this post we will explain its origin, what it is and its benefits for the bartender, the bar and even for the diner.

The origin of the Guest Bartending

     The trend of the Guest comes from the gastronomy. Restaurants and bars that have low occupancy or losses in their sales decide to hire a guest chef, who thanks to his renown, manages to fill these spaces contributing many benefits to the local (apart from the economic).

     The power of call of chefs such as Jean-Georges or Marco Pierre White was noted in the mouth of the mouth of diners who began to comment that these chefs would open or remodel a new restaurant. The full lounge includes guests visiting from abroad. 

The idea was so successful that it took to the world of the bars and was able to obtain so many benefits that it has become a real world trend.

Lulu Tasting Bar Bar

What is a Guest Bartending?

     As in the case of restaurants the idea of the guest bartender or also called Guest Shift began to give results in Europe from approximately 2008. The Guest consists of the call of a renowned bartender, local or even international who at least one night works with the bartenders of the local contributing many benefits that we will explain later. The invited bartender can bring his own cocktail card, work the bar itself or apply the menu that the sponsoring company indicates.

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Yandery Crispin delighted to diners

How does it help or what are the benefits of a Guest Shift?

     The benefits in this type of event, if applied in the right way will always be win/win where everyone wins: Beverage and syrup distribution companies, local bars and their staff and even the diner. 

Let's explain one by one.

Companies distributing alcoholic beverages, mixtures and other ingredients.

     The companies producing and more than all distributors began to bet on the bartenders and mixologists who are the artists after an excellent mix and a good experience in the face of the client. For the 2008 begins to give a greater type of support in this sense and begins to enhance the guest bartending with the sponsorship of these brands where all or almost all cocktails are served with the ingredients of this sponsor so always be win-win.


Local and international bars and their staff.

The owners of bars and locals will always receive good benefits when they open their doors to the guest shift as the word of mouth, social networking or other means attract customers willing to try something new, followers and families of the guest bartender, Guild Buddies and more. The staff also receive a great benefit especially the resident bartenders as they learn new techniques, recipes, styles and knowledge. If it is an international mixologist it will also bring renown to the bar. Things that eventually end up once again helping each of the players in this game.

The bar of Lulu Tasting Bar

Diners and customers.

Both the frequent and those who decide to follow the Rockstar of the night receive a special menu, new and adapted to a specific theme. As well as a guest DJ, the guest bartender always brings a little mysticism and intrigue about what his participation will be about that night. 

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What do I need for a guest Shift or guest bartender?

If with what you have read so far you feel encouraged to enjoy this new trend, from Speakeasy we will help you to take the first steps to achieve it, either as a bartender or as a local owner.

As a guest bartender.

Research, connect learn all about your surroundings and the bartenders in your city. Remember that every bar has different ways of working. Adapting as soon as possible to the local customs, space and bartenders will make your work much easier. Get a good look at what the place wants exactly, investigate your clientele and if it is your cocktail card remember to check with time that they have everything you need.

Always keep in mind that in all countries the fruits and natural species have the same flavor

Keep a willing and open attitude to suggestions and substitutes for ingredients.


Local Looking for guest bartender

Knowing the benefits of a Guest we find out how to look for that bartender of the night:

Main reason Guest Shift

Knowing the main reason for which we want to perform the event will define the success of it. If you want to give an international touch or diversify your bar staff you can opt to invite recognized local bartenders. If you are looking to raise the level and recognition of the bar must opt for more renowned bartenders in the sector and more followers in social networks


An important part of the success of a guest shift is the promotion and publicity of the event. The promotion can be before having the bartender (to find it) and much more important still have a good marketing strategy, whether in social networks, word of mouth, physical posters etc etc. Remember to create videos, photos to promote but also during the event to document it. The guest shift is always a good way to create a networking or group of defenders of this practice. 


Remember to get feedback from these guest bartenders about your concept, cocktails, team work, techniques. What will always be a plus taking into account the experience you can bring, tips, tips, tricks etc.


If done in the right way the guest Bartending always provide a benefit for all involved. This tendency can help to unite much more the guild of the bartending making flow new knowledge, techniques and collaborations.

Here we leave you some examples of Guest Shift made in Santo Domingo, RD.

The photos of the article are typical of the Guest Bartending made in Lulu tasting Bar by Yandery Crispin.

And you, have you attended a Guest? Tell us in the comments your experience as a bartender or as a customer. What did you learn or what changes would you make?

Remember to share this post with your friends so they also know the importance of a Guest Shift.


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