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The Cock's Tail Bar

   Talking about the Cock's Tail is talking about one of the best bars in Santo Domingo. It is a Cocktail Bar located in one of the best bars in the capital.

     To better understand what the idea of a Cocktail Bar is and how it influences the Dominican population we decided to visit them and give them a brief interview.

     Its owners are two entrepreneurs, who in their efforts to deliver a new but enjoyable experience to their customers. Jennyfer Lee and Jorge Cordero traveled to several countries of the world even having the opportunity to make a Guest Bartending in one of the best bars in the world located in Argentina. They also participated in the Campari Red Diaries 2017 with their signature cocktail.

     They recognized that the work has not been easy but they have been able to establish themselves as the best bar of cocktail of author of the capital using a menu adapted to the necessities of the diner but without losing the essence.

     Jennyfer and Jorge proved to be very good hosts and led us to live that experience with their signature cocktails. 

     If you want to live it do not stop visiting them, your menu is updated regularly and there is for every taste.

An important fact: if you are looking for the famous Dominican Republic beer Here you will not find it. But do not let that discourage you and open your mind to new flavors and trends in the big world of cocktail

     Your social networks and address are:

Instagram: @thecockstailrd

Address: Avenida Gustavo Mejía Ricart 144 Plaza Cataluña. Santo Domingo. Rd


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